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October 20, 2022
Danversport Yacht Club

On October 19, 2022, we hosted our 5th Annual Celebration at the Danversport. We had an impressive 420 guests attend to support and further our Mission. Amongst our guests, Ty Law graced our stage and made a lasting impression on our venue. Our Dance Team and Dance Staff did a wonderful job at entertaining our guests as well as the Lynn English ROTC performing with an impressive opening ceremony. We honored our Hall of Fame inductees, Commitment to Youth as well as our Helping Hands Business of the Year. Many of our Silent Auction items had successful bids and winners and all of our Live Auction items were claimed by enthusiastic supporters. The BGCL can’t thank our attendees, sponsors and staff enough for all of their dedication to the club. We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Annual Celebration!

October 20, 2021
Danversport Yacht Club

On October 20,2021, the BGCL held its 4th Annual Celebration at the Danversport. Over 320 guests attended our celebration to help raise funds to better enhance the facilities for our members. In addition, we honored our recipients of the 2021 Hall of Fame, Commitment to Youth as well as our Robert Kennedy Helping Hands Award. Our guest speaker, Jermaine Wiggins gave a fantastic and inspiring speech to all. As a former club member himself, he touched upon the importance of our organization and what doors it opened for him as a kid.

As the evening progressed, we had live entrainment from our own BGCL members! The BGCL dance team and basketball drill team entertained all. This was an absolute favorite highlight of everyone’s night! The event was then wrapped up with our Fund-A-Need and auctions. We were fortunate to raise the necessary funds because of our generous donors. With their donations, our two matching grants were met. Thank you to Amelia Peabody for the $25k grant as well as the Van Otterloo Family for the $20k grant. Following our Fund-A-Need, we transitioned into our auctions. Some of our silent auction items included signed sports memorabilia, spa baskets and top shelf whiskey. Our live auctions included sporting event tickets, a Jermaine Wiggins Tailgate party and also a week stay at Jackson Gore.

All in all, this years event was a blessing for all of us. We were so grateful to be able to host a live in person event in which we not only met our organizations goal, but we topped it! The Boys & Girls Club of Lynn would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to all who supported, donated, and attended the event. We look forward to celebrating our 5 year milestone event with everyone in 2022!