October 20, 2021
Danversport Yacht Club
Danvers, MA

Price: $5,000.00
Dinner seating session with Special Guest, Jermaine Wiggins, Table for Ten (10), private photo session with Jermaine Wiggins, full page ad with choice of premier placement in program book (front inside cover/back cover/back inside cover), spotlight banner advertising at event & social media recognition.

Price: $3,000.00
Table for ten (10), full page ad in program book, banner recognition, extended private group photo opportunity with Special Guest, Jermaine Wiggins.

Price: $2,000.00
Q & A Session host, table of ten (10), full page ad, spotlight banner recognition, social media recognition, extended private group photo session with keynote speaker, Jermaine Wiggins.

Price: $1,000.00
Includes 4 tickets and advertising banner with vocal recognition during the cocktail hour.

Price: $100.00

Price: $900.00

Price: $300.00

Price: $150.00